Chris Stapleton Explains Why You Can’t “Like” Him, But “Not” Like Today’s Country Music

You know those people who tell you today’s country music isn’t any good, and then they throw in, “But not Chris Stapleton.  He’s awesome.”  Yeah, it’s annoying, but here’s something you can shoot back at them.

First, remind them that Chris had a hand in writing a lot of “those songs” . . . like Luke Bryan’s “Drink A Beer”Kenny Chesney’s “Never Wanted Nothing More”Thomas Rhett’s “Crash and Burn”, and Josh Turner’s “Your Man”, to literally name a few.

And then tell them Chris’s response to people who say the same thing to him.  Yes, they actually badmouth country to his face, and then say how great HE is.

Here’s what he tells them, quote, “I say, ‘You can’t like me, and not like the other.  I can’t be the devil and the angel, if you want to draw those lines, because I’m both.’

He adds, quote, “I have as much to do with the things that those fans don’t like as they do with myself, in varying degrees.”

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