NFL Fan Survey

Ticketmaster conducted a survey on fan behavior at sporting events, and they asked 1,000 fans how they thought their behaviors impacted games.

For starters, more than 90% of NFL fans say the crowd in the stadium can “sometimes or always influence the outcome of the game.”  That isn’t surprising, in a lot of cases, teams can benefit from home field advantage.

More than 50% of fans say “cheers and chanting” influence the outcome of the game . . . and nearly 40% say a combination of “cheers, face paint, costumes, and dancing” are “most likely to influence the outcome of the game.”

And you can’t blame that one on the women . . . FOUR TIMES more men than women say “dancing and costumes” can influence the outcome of a game.

Elsewhere in the poll, 40% of NFL fans say they are superstitious . . . and 30% believe THEIR game day rituals and superstitions can influence the outcome.

Of those rituals, the most popular are:  Wearing a lucky piece of clothing (20%) . . . and tailgating (18%).  Most fans say that tailgates are most likely to increase the energy in the stadium, but one in 10 say that people’s “outfits” are most likely to increase energy.

30% percent of fans would give up a free trip to Tahiti to go see their team play in the Super Bowl.

10% of Millennials would be willing to give up their job to see their team play in the Super Bowl . . .

And 13% would give up their HAND.

Finally, 34% of fans say they are “very likely” to see their team play even if they have a losing record late in the season.  And WOMEN are more likely than men, by a 5% margin.  Which basically means women are more LOYAL fans.



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