Prom & Graduation Pledge

L&L Broadcasting and area businesses are teaming up to encourage high school students to be alcohol and drug free during Prom & Graduation night by signing the 2014 Prom & Graduation Pledge!

Each student who signs the Prom & Graduation Pledge will be entered to win a Grand Prize package that includes a new laptop computer, printer, backpack and other school supplies needed for college!

Plus, the high school that the winning student attends will receive pizzas, soft drinks and door prizes to giveaway at their Project Graduation!

The 2014 Prom & Graduation Pledge is brought to you by:  Window World of Beckley, Randoli's in Tazewell, Trader Jerry's, Princeton Church of God, Kings Tire, Bluefield Transit, Carilion Tazewell Community Hospital, David Kennedy - All State Insurance, Concord University, Chad Murray - State Farm Insurance, Dr. Sheila Brooks, Bluefield Regional Medical Center, Dr. Glen Catron, Bluewell Family Pharmacy, Chick-Fil-A, East River Medical, Bluefield Union Mission, 1st Community Bank, Dr. Ron Householder, 1st Century Bank and Azzo Orthopedics.

To sign the pledge, and be entered to win the Grand Prize, fill out the form below!

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I hereby promise to behave responsibly before, during and after my high school's Prom & Graduation. I commit to an alcohol and drug free Prom & Graduation night because I care about my fellow students, my community and myself.
 By checking this box, I promise I will not use alcohol or drugs before, during or after my high school's Prom & Graduation.
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Joe Jarvis