We Regret Buying Things Online…Sometimes

According to a poll of 2,000 people, here are the top five things that can make us give up and NOT buy something after we’ve added it to our online shopping cart . . .

1. It turns out shipping costs too much.

2. A discount code we planned to use doesn’t work.

3. It turns out it won’t ship fast enough.

4. You enter your credit card number. Then something goes wrong, and you have to re-enter it. So you have second thoughts, or you’re just too lazy to enter it again.

5. The same thing happens, but with your shipping address.

The survey also found that on average, we end up ditching 58% of the stuff we put in our online shopping carts throughout the year.

And once we add something to our shopping cart, it only takes 22 seconds for us to start having second thoughts about it.

Check out the video to get some tips on shopping, for Cyber Monday, you won’t regret it! LOL!