HELP – The Bluefield Area Little League

Recently the Bluefield Area Little League was dealt a terrible loss, someone broke in and vandalized their facilities and stole equipment. Below is a statement from the little league volunteers,

“Bluefield Area Little League is a non profit organization run by, as all little leauges volunteers. It was recently discovered that someone had broken into our concession stand and vandalized our facility before stealing some newly purchased equipment this year and several concession items. Some of damage damage were to exterior barhroom doors, our garage doors, a security cage , and windows. We are still uncertain to exactly how many team equipment bags were taken, but think it to be 3-6 with each bag contents valuing around $500-$700 dollars. Our athletes work very hard fundraising for equipment and uniforms. Our volunteers work hard maintaing a facilty we want to be proud of and keep a great complex available for our youth. Any donation to help offset the cost of repairs and equipment replacement is greatly appreciated, Thank You!”

So we are asking for your help, every penny will go to get new equipment and fix the facilities. Click the link —>HERE 

BTW – Contributions are tax deductible