Going Back To College At 61!!!

A 61-year-old grandfather named Don Byers was out golfing at a pretty tough course in Nebraska back in the fall. And he was a few strokes under par after 9 holes, which is very good for an amateur.

One of the other golfers he was with was a guy named Rob Brown, who coaches the golf team at Bellevue University in Omaha. And he joked that if Don had some college eligibility left, he could make the team.

At first they just laughed about it. But then a few holes later, Don mentioned that he did actually have some eligibility left.

He went to the University of Nebraska on a baseball scholarship over 40 years ago, but blew his arm out and never played. So he’s still eligible to play college sports. And after they talked about it for a few more weeks, he decided to do it.

He couldn’t join the golf team without enrolling. So he’s taking a few courses this semester, including English, history, and communications.

He says he never planned to go back to school this late in life. But he had to drop out after he lost his baseball scholarship, so it might be a fun experience for him.


FYI – The video attached is not of Don going back to school! We just loved Dorf so much we wanted to share and laugh!!!



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