How Much Was $10 Worth The Year You Were Born

Someone looked at inflation rates and posted a list of how much $10 was worth the year you were born. And they also posted one random item it could buy you today if that $10 still had the same buying power.

They went through every year starting with 1965, when $10 was the equivalent of about $81. Here’s one example from each decade, starting with the year 2000, and going back to 1970 . . .

1. $10 in the year 2000 had the buying power of $15 . . . or enough to buy three pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream today.

2. $10 in 1990 would be like $20 now . . . enough to buy a 12-pack of Red Bull, or a 72-count bucket of Tide Pods.

3. $10 in 1980 would be like $32 now . . . roughly what a set of Apple EarPods cost. That’s the kind with wires though. The wireless kind are $160.

4. $10 in 1970 would be like $67 now . . . which would cover a one-way Spirit Airlines ticket from New York to Miami.



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