Man We’re Cheap On Valentine’s Day!!!

According to a new survey, the average person will only spend $34 total. Here are four more stats about money and relationships . . .

1. 44% of people said they plan to spend nothing on Valentine’s Day this year. It’s not clear if that includes single people or not.

2. There are only four states where people plan to spend over $60 . . . New Mexico, Connecticut, Missouri, and Texas. And there are three states where people say they’ll spend less than $10 . . . Alaska, North Dakota, and Maine.

3. The average guy plans to spend $41. Women will spend an average of $26. But there are 13 states where women plan to spend more than men . . . Idaho, Colorado Delaware, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Tennessee.

4. Apparently money can buy you love, or at least it makes things easier. 90% of couples who earn at least $200,000 a year say they’re “completely” or “almost completely” satisfied with their relationship. That’s compared to just 64% of people who earn less than $30,000 a year.


Check out the video for Ellen’s ideas for cheap gifts!!!



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